Our football league is an amazing resource for the city in particular all the local churches. We set up the 5 aside football league to provide a place for churches to get young people involved in a positive game of football, where Christian values where adhered to. The league has attracted 18 5 aside teams from across the city and offers opportunities for young people to hear the gospel at presentation events for the teams at the end of the season.
The Sports team also have two teams in a fair play league and out of those groups of lads have set up “team talk” a discipleship group for the young people that have made a decision to follow Christ.
One of our workers is also started coaching at the secondary school where she lives as an extension to the work she is already doing in her area.
We realise that football is only one sport and we would like to be able to provide more opportunities in the city for other sports such as basketball and cricket as there has been a demand amongst the young people.