“Our Vision is to be a community of people who ‘welcome strangers’ – be the newcomers to Perth or neighbours we have not yet met.
We do this by…

  • Being a loving community that feels like extended family. Looking out for and serving each other, sharing our lives and resources and being committed to open, honest, & affirming relationships. Fun & food are integral to our community life!
  • We hold regular events and groups that are places of welcome, friendship and support for newcomers.

Connect began over two years ago. In that time we have connected with over 100 families. We have had 18 events for newcomers to Perth, we have had numerous coffees, helped people with practical information and advice as well as the emotional challenges of re settling. We have said many goodbyes to people moving on and have made ongoing friendships that will last a lifetime. In all we have done God has been ever present. We have learned so much.”
“God seemed to turn up for many other occasions and so did a crowd – sometimes 20, sometimes 2. It was the most fun you could have!! Kids going wild, Mums laughing and sometimes crying. We felt like we were all struggling together with different issues but similar struggles. We would offer prayer for people. For some of these people we became a bit like “their” family for the time they needed us. i.e. to borrow deck chairs or picnic baskets or to ask for translations of local language. It was a two way thing though – we too were invited to their homes and birthday gatherings. It was special both ways in the giving and receiving!!”

“Since coming to the area, Connect has helped me in two ways – firstly it helped me to meet people, and secondly it introduced me to the concept of church as a welcoming community that lasted longer than an hour or two on Sunday. Meeting people who were part of the church community, who had no judgement about whether I was religious or not, and welcomed me anyway, has been comforting. Through Connect I was able to find a mentor, who is supporting me on my quest to find God (I haven’t quite jumped yet but I am nearer to being ready).”

“It can take a whole life to find one good person in life but in our case we found several very good and extremely supportive people in about 2 hours of chatting. The incident gave us lovely friends in the UK and very good people in Perth. Without this group of people in Perth and their emotional support we would have been very lonely in a new country and possibly gone back to the UK. We no longer live in Perth but whenever we think of Perth we miss all those people we met in Connect. When we were leaving Perth it was very sad leaving the Connect group. It has been our strength in our lonely days and has certainly provided us with friendly emotional support. All the people of Connect were God’s gift to us and we are very thankful to God for putting us in touch with them all.”