Luke’s Story

In this short video (courtesy of Verge Network) Luke shares how he has seen transformation in his life through connecting with, subsequently joining a local Missional Community

Family Fun Day

“The Funday, run by our community, was set up in support of the east African crises, with the vision to see the local neighbourhood be united. It was a day to let people in the area come together and share their culture and life with each other. A time to not see the differences but […]

Football in Sheffield

Our football league is an amazing resource for the city in particular all the local churches. We set up the 5 aside football league to provide a place for churches to get young people involved in a positive game of football, where Christian values where adhered to. The league has attracted 18 5 aside teams from […]

Urban Youth

Recently we ran a SHOWCASE event.  This involved gathering all of the areas we work in and giving young people from these different areas a chance to perform, acts included MCing, street dance and band performances with a clear gospel message by one of our workers.  The event had a great atmosphere and as the […]

Inner City

A colleague and I were doing a detached session on Shiregreen (one of the inner-city areas Forge works in).  We started a conversation with some young people we had meet some of them before but we were meeting most of the young people for the first time.  As we got into conversation some of the […]

Connect Perth

“Our Vision is to be a community of people who ‘welcome strangers’ – be the newcomers to Perth or neighbours we have not yet met. We do this by… Being a loving community that feels like extended family. Looking out for and serving each other, sharing our lives and resources and being committed to open, […]