This site is designed to be a connection point for both relationship and resource across the Missional Communities movement. We have a wide range of resources that are designed to equip, inspire and challenge Missional Community leaders in establishing a culture of discipleship and mission in their local context. The principles we communicate through all of our resourcing represent the foundations that all of our Missional Communities have been built upon.

There are various resources available through this site, which you can buy or access for free. Use the tabs across the top of the page to view our different forms of resourcing for the Missional Communities movement.

Below, we have described some of the written materials we produce. Accessing this written content is a great way to explore the DNA of Missional Communities and start connecting with the movement.


The following books are available through 3DM Publishing along with many other resources.

Covenant and Kingdom
Building a Discipling Culture
Multiplying Missional Leaders
Leading Missional Communities

Missional Communities Blog
The Missional Communities blog is our connection point for sharing stories and testimonies across a wide network of practitioners of Missional Communities.

The blog is thoughts, reflections, inspiration, challenge and experiences of Missional Community leaders from Churches across the UK. The blog digs into the practicalities of leading Missional Communities and shares stories to encourage & inspire you.

Click here to visit the Missional Communities blog

Click here to visit
the Missional Communities Blog