Discipleship & Mission Workshops

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Our general experience is that people are quite intrigued to hear how we’ve used things like Huddles (a discipleship vehicle) and Missional Communities (a missional vehicle) to see discipleship and mission come alive in church communities, resulting in them looking more and more like the churches we see in the New Testament. These workshops are a time to look at some of the things we’ve learned in the past 20 years, dealing with post-Christian contexts where as little as 1% of people attend church. 

Within these 2-day workshops there will be teaching, discussion, time with your team and a chance to actually experience Huddles and Missional Communities. We intentionally cap the attendance for workshops at 50 so you have as much access as possible to the team. If you’re interested in seeing some different approaches to discipleship and mission, these workshops are a great place for you and your team to enter into that discussion.

MC Workshops

For those who are already involved in leading and growing Missional Communities, or are simply interested in coming to hear what it’s all about, we also offer 1-day MC Workshops. These give you the chance to hear the story of Missional Communities in our local context and receive teaching and seminars in which we explore some of the key principles that Missional Communities are founded upon.

The day involves a variety of teaching inputs, stories from local Missional Community leaders and the chance to interact with a team of experienced Missional Community practitioners from across the UK.

Interested in a Workshop?
Workshops and other training opportunities are regionalised between different teams working across Europe, collectively known as 16NINE. If you are interested in getting in touch with one of the teams about a workshop, you can find out more and connect with these teams directly by visiting